Services for Professionals

Services for Professionals

In order for professionals to begin using the platform, you need to upload the services you will be offering on Geolance. You can access the services tab on your account dashboard, underneath the calendar.

As a professional, you can upload up to six services.

• Click on the green “+” sign next to Services. A prompt will pop up where you can enter the details pertaining to that particular service. You need to create a service title based on how you want to market it. For example, a front-end developer can create a service entitled “WordPress website development”.

• You will be then provided a series of options for the “Category” and “Service” sections based on your occupation. Set the currency and price you want to charge for that particular service and click the check box next to note whether this particular service is active or not.

• If your service is location-based e.g. cleaning services, click the Local Address checkbox and enter the address. Next, add a short and long description for the service, making sure you cover everything that this service will entail. Next, add a relevant image.

• You can also add a YouTube link if it is relevant for this service.