Manage Projects

Manage Projects

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Offer Confirmation

You can check accepted and assigned projects on the ProjectManagement dashboard. Click on “Professional Projects” on the ProjectManagement menu on the left-hand side to see all the projects you have beenassigned, are in progress, and completed in the past.

Start Working on a Project

You can click on the start button right from the projectmanagement dashboard or you can click on “See More” to open the project andstart or pause working on a milestone there.

Checking Files

You can check the proof of internal tax number by clickingon the “Milestone” tab and hovering the mouse over the ellipsis on the leftside of the milestone details. This is basically to check which documents arerequired for the task.

Conversing withClients & Customers

The dashboard also has the messenger under the“Conversation” tab on the horizontal menu, where you can chat with the customeror client.

Local Projects

For local projects such as courier services, the process ofapplication or bidding remains the same. Once you’ve been assigned the project,you can click on start. You will have an additional “Arriving” prompt next to“Start Task”, to inform the customer that you’re about to arrive at theirchosen location. You can do that from the Geolance application, which we willbe discussing later in the guide.

Additional Work

You can apply for and get assigned additional work while youwork on an ongoing task. If the new assignment has an approaching deadline andyou have time to complete the previous one, you can go ahead and pause it.

The time tracker you started when beginning a task willautomatically pause when you click “Start Task” for another project. If thetracker doesn’t stop automatically, you just have to refresh the page.

Finishing a Project

When you’re done with a task, click on “Finish” to end the taskon the “Milestones” section on your Project Manager dashboard. You can addcomments and upload any files that need to be delivered to the client.

You will get your payment once the client/customer sends theconfirmation. You can check the payment receipt under the “Description” tab onthe project management portal. The invoice will give you a breakdown of thepayment you received, which includes the platform and merchant fee. This is toensure complete transparency.


Not only can the client rate you for your services, but youcan also leave the client a review as well. You can do that from the ProjectManagement portal.